Perfume Notes

a glass jar with a plant inside
a glass jar with a plant inside

Perfumes are broken down into three ‘note’ categories.

Top Notes - the first impression

The top notes don’t last long in perfume, but they do create a big initial impression. Top notes tend to evaporate after only a few minutes of wear. Lighter floral and citrus scents are some of the most common top notes, altho some herbal scents can make excellent top notes as well. Top notes are meant to intrigue and attract, then transition smoothly into the headier middle notes.

Middle Notes - an important transition

Middle notes are often referred to as heart notes because they often determine the character of the perfume blend. These scents are revealed once the top notes recede. Their scent is strongest in the first hour or two of wear. More complex than top notes, these scents are meant to hold your attention and also act as a buffer for the more robust base notes.

Base Notes - the soul of the perfume

In contrast to top notes, which are typically energizing and invigorating, base notes are often described as calming. These scents are made up of large, heavy molecules providing complexity, depth and a lasting impression. Base notes offer much heavier aromas and they can linger for over six hours. Base notes also work to prevent the evaporation of top and heart note scents.